Sara M. Skinner Photography

Heritage Photography

Capturing Our Natural and Cultural World Through My Lens

Unedited and Untouched

Thank you for visiting my website. I grew up in Sonoma County and now reside in the Monterey Bay Area and San Luis Obispo County. I'm still learning photography, every day. I don't use photo editing software, don't touch up/fix, and don't do any corrections. I grew up watching my dad take photos and wishing I could be like him. Photographing these wonders has become my passion and I'm happy to share it with you.

You may purchase images and many products (mugs, magnets, puzzles, key-chains, cards, and more) with my images on them from this website. I feel gratitude in my heart when I view native trees, hear the rush of the stream, and capture a moment of incredible beauty on camera. I know there is a place where things are right in this world.

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Thank you for visiting my site, please come back often.

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